Jakarta Transformers

July 10, 2009

Well, this is one of Transformer impact. One day, my friends excited with Transformer’s email.. Is it Transformer 3? haha..
Bajajtron by Cendaku’s Blog
Inspired by Frenzy one of simple character from Transformer. He combine Bajaj and Frenzy using Photoshop.
Transjakarta Bot
Trans Jakarta
Trans Jakarta bot by kaskus member
on this thread
Taxi Bot
Taxi Bot by kaskus member
on this thread

Wew.. Transformer in my city.. great:D I hope no Decepticon in Jakarta. It’s very dangerous.. hahaha


Shit Cake

July 9, 2009

Ups.. it’s really discusting but deliciuos..

I know you cake but you are not good looking..

hmm.. not better yet..

Ohh i don’t want this fly..

Hoekkkk.. how could this cake like so real.. enough2.. but looks great

I give it 5 stars *****

Stopppp don’t publishing this pict  anymore.. hoeekkk..

Happy B’day for You^^

This is for baby?? 3 years old?? hmm not good for health..

Nice flies!!!

Ohh.. this cheese like… ** i don’t wnat to say it..

Yeah coolest:D ahahaha.. I don’t want this cake on my Bday.

Wow good idea…

Weeding cake?????? OMG stupid couple in the world.. ahahaha

Stop no more pict about stupid cake..>__

Famous But Idiot

July 9, 2009

One day, I saw my friends on Facebook became fans of Back Dorm(Dormitory) Boys. I don’t familiar with this name.. Then I try to open his account.. wew some stupid people famous through YouTube… On Facebook, they have 59,787 fans(my friends included haha).. It suck 😛

The Back Dorm Boys is a Chinese duo who gained fame for their lip sync videos to songs by the Backstreet Boys and other pop stars. Their videos, captured on a low quality Web cam in their college dorm room, have been viewed by Internet users within China and around the world.

Dadada video

The Dormitory Boys, a blog of note on Blogger, which some believe is not maintained by the Back Dorm Boys, but written by a ghostwriter, is taking requests asking fans to recommend the next song they should lip sync too in a possible dorm background. In January 2006, a poll was conducted from songs picked from 427 requests on this blog in 2005, December . The Black Eyed Peas’ song “My Humps” won the poll, but the Back Dorm Boys lip synced to the song “Don’t Lie” by the Black Eyed Peas instead, which was a huge hit on YouTube as well as their host country…

Then became famous..


As many fans do not know the real names of the Back Dorm Boys, Wei Wei is often called simply “the big one” and Huang Yi Xin “the small one”. In most videos, Wei Wei is seated on the viewer’s right and Huang Yi Xin on the left. Huang Yi Xin has a cast on his left arm in some early videos from when he got hurt playing basketball.

A third “dorm boy”, Xiao Jing, is in the background of most of the videos. He is often playing the Counter-Strike computer game while Wei Wei and Huang Yixin are performing. His back is usually turned to the camera and his face is only rarely seen. He does, however, occasionally play a role in the videos. In the video for the Trio song “Da Da Da”, Xiao Jing gets up from his chair to hold a cardboard soccer ball in the air for Huang Yi Xin to head and kick.

Xiao Jing did not appear in the video for ‘Radio In My Head’.

The Back Dorm Boys graduated from the Guangzhou Arts Institute in June of 2006.

Do you want to see more closer? Check this out..

Official Site

BackDorm’s Blog




Anamorphic Illusions

July 9, 2009

Julian Beever created amazing pavement drawings with anamorphic illucions. He has made pavement drawings for over ten years. He has worked all over the world. This is some preview of Julian’s pavement drawings.

Time Square In Time Suare

This drawing of a Rescue was to be viewed using an inverting mirror.

White Water Rafting

Wew.. I like his art actualy..

Do you want to see more??

Links to Julian Beever’s homepage and street art page.
PDF of notes on ‘An Introduction to Visual Perception’.

MJ Art

July 8, 2009

by Charlie Wen “Bathsheeba”(SFWeekly)

by Taramoon 2008.03.17 (flickr)

by Mona Shafer Edwards

by Joshua Blankenship

New York street art: Close-up shot of the Andy Warhol-esque Michael Jackson wheatpaste.

New York street art: Michael Jackson a la the late great Andy Warhol, downtown.

New York street art: Michael Jackson gets the Warhol-style treatment in wheatpaste. Love it. (globalgraphica)

by Donghyun Son

by Christopher

by Faile

by Rime and Augor

by Lex

Paramount Pictures’ “Transformers” sequel has quickly become the biggest film of the year, with sales rising to $293 million after 12 days. The title was previously held by Paramount’s “Star Trek” with $250 million after 60 days. (reuters)

A guy from Beijing handmade this model using KFC, cookie and moon cake boxes. It’s nice idea..

Great editing by photoshop hah? It’s small with high details on it.

KFC.. this is not an advertising.. Hmm in my country KFC is red.. so what’s robot that I can made from it.

I think it’s Bumble Bee with chicken taste:D

Bumble Bee said “I feel alive… wwwhhheere is my legs?”

Nice work^^ It’s real chicken taste..

See more on this link

It’s Alive

July 7, 2009

So pity, I don’t want to eat it..>___

That is soooooooo creepy but damn fresh…….