Shit Cake

July 9, 2009

Ups.. it’s really discusting but deliciuos..

I know you cake but you are not good looking..

hmm.. not better yet..

Ohh i don’t want this fly..

Hoekkkk.. how could this cake like so real.. enough2.. but looks great

I give it 5 stars *****

Stopppp don’t publishing this pict┬á anymore.. hoeekkk..

Happy B’day for You^^

This is for baby?? 3 years old?? hmm not good for health..

Nice flies!!!

Ohh.. this cheese like… ** i don’t wnat to say it..

Yeah coolest:D ahahaha.. I don’t want this cake on my Bday.

Wow good idea…

Weeding cake?????? OMG stupid couple in the world.. ahahaha

Stop no more pict about stupid cake..>__


It’s Alive

July 7, 2009

So pity, I don’t want to eat it..>___

That is soooooooo´╗┐ creepy but damn fresh…….