It’s Toilet

July 6, 2009

What about your toilet? have you pimp it?

I don’t want to pee on this..==”

Ohhh it’s very dangerous??

Wew no comment…

Hmm nice ya.. I think some children like this..

Don’t touch my **** I know2 I can doit by my self..

I don’t need your hand:X

Is it for future?? not bad..

Just like washing machine.. Washing my ***???

Doctor, can I *** when you checking my teeth?

OMG it’s a BOOOMMM… ???

It’s true washing machine on my toilet.. Can i wash my ****??

This is for my father, my mother, my brother, my sister… hey where is mine???

I think Michael Jackson is the owner.. yeah just like his glove..

Happy Valentine honey.. let’s use it together… ohh you are so cute.. I love U

Yea2 I know that rules…

I like motocycle, I like Race.. but I don’t want it in my toilet..

I think It’s toilet company..

How about my **** did you think big enough??

Toilet2.. anybody want to use my toilet? It just 5$

It’s compatible for all user..

I think this is for aliens only..

Let’s transform it…

And then fly…. Is it UFO??

I’m behind you honey.. hmmm

Did you pimp your toilet???