Jakarta Transformers

July 10, 2009

Well, this is one of Transformer impact. One day, my friends excited with Transformer’s email.. Is it¬†Transformer 3? haha..
Bajajtron by Cendaku’s Blog
Inspired by Frenzy one of simple character from Transformer. He combine Bajaj and Frenzy using Photoshop.
Transjakarta Bot
Trans Jakarta
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Taxi Bot
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Wew.. Transformer in my city.. great:D I hope no Decepticon in Jakarta. It’s very dangerous.. hahaha


Paramount Pictures’ “Transformers” sequel has quickly become the biggest film of the year, with sales rising to $293 million after 12 days. The title was previously held by Paramount’s “Star Trek” with $250 million after 60 days. (reuters)

A guy from Beijing handmade this model using KFC, cookie and moon cake boxes. It’s nice idea..

Great editing by photoshop hah? It’s small with high details on it.

KFC.. this is not an advertising.. Hmm in my country KFC is red.. so what’s robot that I can made from it.

I think it’s Bumble Bee with chicken taste:D

Bumble Bee said “I feel alive… wwwhhheere is my legs?”

Nice work^^ It’s real chicken taste..

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